Chaken International Fashion Design, founded in 1985, has established a unique brand image in the world of fashion art and has developed an impressive reputation in the industry over the past four decades. Chaken Styles present a sophisticated combination of line, proportion, and texture and employ an elegant array of colors.

Maryam Ahadi, fashion designer, stylist and textile designer, is the founder and sole principal of the firm and is responsible for its distinctive culture-mix styles. Maryam has developed idealized versions of traditional styles to create a fashion with historical precedents that is still absolutely modern. She sets up a dialogue between past, present and future where the boundary between the cultural phenomena of each age becomes blurred.

The art of fashion has seen changes and gradual developments throughout its history.  Maryam sees clothing design as the creation of individual pieces of art, with each piece not only an object of its time but also the presenter of a historical narrative.

Maryam Ahadi says “today’s fashion is about comfort, simplicity, and genuineness, yet must also be vigorous and dynamic”. She is an expert in diverse areas of fashion: her practical women’s day wear, glamorous evening wear and stylish outerwear include a large collection for all women in every age group.

Over the past three decades of experience, Maryam Ahadi has created her own culture-mix styles modified from diverse cultural tones. They offer an elegant combination of old hand-sew fabrics and a mixture of vivid and muted colors. Her styles are wonderful representatives of tradition yet with a very modern realization.